Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia

Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia

In this article, we will discuss everything related to the video wall, its features, and how to operate it,

As well as the requirements of the best video wall supplier Saudi Arabia

So let’s go

What is a video wall system? 

Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia
Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia

Video screens are several digital screens that are installed on the wall in a grid pattern to create a large visual canvas on which the content is displayed. And video walls are not limited to the grid pattern. Monitors can be mounted in any number of configurations or orientations. Ideal Solution Company is creative in spreading content across all screens with pinpoint accuracy, which is where the trick lies. 

The most visible video wall system component is the actual display. Video walls are made by arranging display tiles to create a large viewing surface. Depending on the type of display you choose and the mounts, video wall displays can be flat or curved.

Display technology for mission-critical video walls includes LED LCD panels. There are pros and cons to both; ultimately you should work with an integrator to arrive at the decision that best fits your application.

A special setup consisting of several screens that are adjacent to each other or overlapped to form one large screen. Do typical display technologies include LCD panels and LED matrixes for live display

What are the different types of video walls?

There are many types of video wall screens, including four types that are the most popular, widespread, and preferred by users, so let’s get to know them together.

1. LCD video walls

It is an optical device consisting of crystals arranged on a thin surface divided into many pixels supported by a backlight. The crystal converts the polarized main light to show an image, symbol, or signal. A screen consists of pixels that display points of color or light. By the electric field, we control the direction of the light and with the help of the polarizing filter and the backlight, the image appears.

⇛ Advantages of the LCD video wall

  • Longevity of the screen.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Moisture and weather resistant.
  • Good quality and accuracy.
  • The CD video wall can be played 24*7.

⇛ Disadvantages of an LCD video wall

  •  When a single image is shown for a long time, its entire liquid crystal embraces its light for a while. Thus, when changing the image, this crystal does not change suddenly.
  • Its bezel is 1.8 mm high. Which is not good for the user experience.

2. LED video walls

Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia
Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia

 It relies on its technology or its business idea on LEDs, which provide the pixels with the necessary lighting in order to increase the brightness of the colors on the screen so the viewer can see them.

These LEDs are placed behind the pixels in two ways:

First, the Edge LED method.

And this method means that a row of LEDs is placed on one of the sides or edges of the screen, and then the light is transmitted to the rest of the screen through a light-transmitting or light-reflecting material, and the light must travel from the side that contains the LEDs to all parts of the screen so that the screen shines and The image and colors appear clearly.

Secondly, the other method is the Direct LED method:

The LEDs are directly behind the pixels and are distributed over all parts of the screen so that the pixels are completely above it and not just from the sides.

⇛ Advantages of the LCD video wall

  •  Provides high screen brightness.
  • Screen lifespan.
  • Rationalization in the consumption of electrical energy.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Lightweight.

⇛ Disadvantages of an LCD video wall

  • When compared to the resolution of LCD screens, it is low.
  • high price.

3. Blended Projection video wall systems

These can generate images of any shape using the output of multiple projectors. The shape can be of any size with a higher resolution compared to that of a single projector.

This display system is a collection of display devices. The outputs of these display devices are mixed together to form the final output.

⇛ Advantages of Blended Projection video wall

  • It is characterized by providing us with a borderless display.
  • Its output produces different shapes of the display.
  • Its screen can be short in size and very wide in size.

⇛ Disadvantages of an LCD video wall

  • Its screen can be affected by external lights
  • It is expensive and requires a lot of manpower
  • Requires a large space behind the screen if there are projectors placed behind the screen

4. Rear projection video walls

It is also known as the cube projection system because in this projection system both the projection and the mirror are in a cube, which protects the screen from being affected by external light sources.

It is used in scientific research, control rooms, and others

⇛ Advantages of Rear projection video walls

  • The bezels are very small and provide a good user experience.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Available in several different types.

⇛ Disadvantages of Rear projection video walls

  • Viewing angles are not good
  • The screen is affected by external light sources
  • It consumes a lot of space when compared to LCD and LED screens

What are the components of a video wall?

Although each type of video wall display is different because each type is designed specifically for the needs of its users, these types share the basic components, which are

1. Video wall processors

The video processor can be called the heart of the video wall. Because it is responsible for performing various functions in it.

Video wall processors allow multiple individual sources to be displayed together with the video wall as a single canvas. Processors allow content sources to be shown on a single display or stretched across multiple tiles.

In the video wall system, a processor’s role is to scale content and to send each source signal to the right screen at the right resolution.

Processors are used to display one high-quality image on different screens, as well as multiple images on one large screen.

In the video wall system, a processor’s role is to scale content and to send each source signal to the right screen at the right resolution.

2. Control Systems

A control system is used to instruct the video wall to play the video in the specified format.

A control unit is also known as a control system that instructs the displays of content

A key element of a control system is programming, allowing the system to be customized to your specific requirements. Constant uses a graphical user interface (GUI) which represents the information and actions available to a user through icons and visual indicators, making it quick and easy to route information. Intuitive interfaces on a control system allow operators to quickly push sources to where they need to be viewed.

Control systems can also provide true power feedback on connected equipment as well as diagnostic information. The system can warn users about lamp hour usage, fan speeds, power consumption, and operating temperature to maintain optimal performance.

3. Video extenders

Video extenders are used when there is a large distance between the displays and the processor or console, up to 30 feet away.

Thus, video extenders enable communication between the video wall and console over a great distance.

4. The audio system

It is intended to receive audio and video signals from several sources, process them, provide power amplifiers to drive loudspeakers, and route video to displays.

This can be useful for a number of applications from audible alarms or paging to conferencing capabilities. The audio system can also be incorporated into the control system for the dictation of alerts, alarms, and more on the GUI and the video wall.

Commercial video wall display solutions In Saudi Arabia

Draw attention to your products by using the LED video wall with the ideal solution company, which provides the best commercial video wall display solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Whether it’s for a huge wall display or a simple display in your store.

We offer you a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions for the best user experience.

Commercial LED Digital Video wall features

There are countless advantages of using video walls to display advertisements, which is beneficial and increases the profitability of companies.

Luxury Design

Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia
Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia

The luxurious design of the advertisement is not enough alone for the success of the advertisement, but the image must be completed with luxurious screens specially designed to display your products and services, which attracts the attention of all passers-by next to the video wall 

High Resolution integrated system

Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia
Video wall supplier Saudi Arabia

High precision integrated system

It is a set of high-resolution monitors running a processing system

 Video as it makes many screens work like one screen, with a simple, interactive and integrated flexible performance

Superior visual Performance

The video wall operates on an array of displays, so the video wall can have a much larger display area than a single screen without affecting screen resolution or without sacrificing image quality.

Easy control

The video wall is easy to use and its control is very simple. As it is sometimes called an external control unit, it can take advantage of more powerful processors than the processors included in the individual display screens.

Thus, you get a smooth and easy user experience while displaying large amounts of high-resolution content

Long-lasting Durability

Video walls are characterized by their longevity and require little maintenance due to their ability to withstand different weather conditions

Flexible size & Dynamic shape

The most important feature of the video wall is the flexibility of size, as video walls provide greater flexibility than a single screen in terms of size and shape, depending on the type of display

It also has a flexible mounting system that can be wall-mounted, free-standing, curved, or 3D. It can be small, easy to carry, or scalable to huge proportions

choose any display you want

After all the advantages that we talked about, you only have to contact us, and our specialized team will provide the best solutions and consultations that will help you choose your own screen.

video wall supplier Saudi Arabia

There may be some video wall supplier Saudi Arabia, but Ideal Solution is the best video wall supplier Saudi Arabia in terms of

  • Introducing the world’s best video wall systems
  • High quality
  • Full warranty on products and services
  • A professional and distinguished team in providing the highest quality standards
  • Long experience in supplying and installing video walls in Saudi Arabia

Spec your video wall with the LED designer

In the event that you are looking for a video wall supplier Saudi Arabia, he designs the video wall that suits your taste and the place designated for the video wall

Ideal Solution is the pioneer in this field 

Do not hesitate to contact us and learn about our solutions

and products, so that you can get the level of luxury that you aspire to

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Does the video wall software provide flexible capabilities?

Choosing a video wall is the most flexible option, as video walls provide greater flexibility in terms of size, which can be a small, light screen that is easy to carry and scales up to a huge size while maintaining the quality of images and videos. It also provides flexibility in the installation method.


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