The Most Prominent Challenges Facing IT Managers In The Government Sector

In the same time frame, 52% of the respondents said that they had faced problems related to a lack of funding, and Gartner indicated that these figures recorded by the government sector were higher than any numbers recorded in all other sectors.


In this context, Alia Mendonsa, Senior Director of Research at Gartner said: “Governments struggle to face many problems in several areas, especially in the wake of the turmoil they have faced in terms of changing government leaders, restructuring and reorganization, as well as issues of lack of funding, and for many Governmental IT managers, such disturbances will affect the growth of their IT budgets, and will face many challenges related to launching new business or financing initiatives, and inflexible financing models will exacerbate these disturbances, due to the water cycle Gift items and related processes in any government. “


And the managers of information technology in government institutions are still focusing their efforts on developing their skills and strategies for digital leadership, and in this regard, Ms. Mendonsa said: “The government sector is still lagging behind all other sectors on all aspects of strategic plans, especially the ability of this sector to find a clear and consistent business strategy, crystallizing Through the best methods for government institutions to achieve their vision. ”

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