Transparent Display Screens

Transparent screens integrated with glass surfaces where you can see through them as a normal glass, and the content appears when you start operating them.
Transparent display screens are one of the latest technologies in the world of display technology and there are several types available (transparent internal screens, transparent external screens, and transparent flat screens).
– Features:
• It stands out for its strong use in the fields of advertising and with a wonderful display experience as it looks like glass when it is turned off and the content appears only when it is turned on.
• It can be installed on any regular or irregular surface and in any space without affecting the exhibits behind it.
• The design of the transparent LED screen based on glass allows light to pass through the glass without any impact on the structure of the building thanks to its thinness, light weight and innovative design method.
• The screen width is less than 8 mm and its weight is very light, which makes it easy to install and does not take up much space.

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