Smart Meeting Rooms

It is not only luxurious or an extraordinary level of dazzle, but extends to a healthy and more practical work environment that saves energy, time and effort, as smart motion sensors work when detecting movement in rooms and then turn on the lighting and control its brightness to adapt to external lighting or when Displaying content on screens The smart systems also control the operation and shutdown of air conditioners and adjust temperatures.
Smart meeting rooms also contain many other features that make the meeting experience more wonderful, such as controlling the work of sound systems and projectors, working with voice commands, and even controlling the closing of the curtains through the application or automatic closing when operating the display systems and many other great features

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Other Systems


Designing the appropriate sound system for your hall in order to have the perfect sound quality


Do you have a working team spread in separate areas? Do you have difficulties communicating 


There are many types of screens that are used in meeting rooms, there are display screens,

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