Meeting rooms Booking Systems

If you own conference or banquet halls or have meeting rooms, whether inside your company or renting them to others, you definitely need a smart booking system that facilitates the process of managing your meeting rooms with ease and avoids you the duplicated bookings or mixing meetings and conferences and gives you many other Great Features

Meeting room booking systems facilitate ease in organizing, planning, and coordinating events and meetings.

These systems serve as an efficient means to manage resources, time, and reduce costs.

They enable users to view available rooms and easily make meeting room reservations. Say goodbye to old manual systems and the errors that came with them.


  • Reserve meeting rooms, conference halls and banquet halls electronically through the web or the application.
  • Determine the distinctive chairs and places to sit.
  • Display the venue’s map for guests.
  • Search for available meeting rooms with filters (eg location and available time).
  • Real-time availability detection and updated floor plans.
  • Report problems in the room (such as equipment failure) through the application.
  • Integration with commonly used calendar or productivity apps.
  • Manage visitors (eg visitor details, logins, and reminders).
  • Check in with the app, or clean hidden (abandoned) meetings from the schedule.
  • Integration with digital signage and displays.
  • Room usage analytics.
  • A repository of room information (eg amenities, photos, etc.).
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Other Systems


Designing the appropriate sound system for your hall in order to have the perfect sound quality

Why Video Conferencing ?


Do you have a working team spread in separate areas? Do you have difficulties communicating 


There are many types of screens that are used in meeting rooms, there are display screens,

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