Video Wall Screens

Investment & Luxury Design

For most organizations, a video wall system is a considerable investment. So why spend the extra money when you could just use a single large display, a front projector, or a set of individual monitors?

Superior Visual Performance

Since a video wall is built from a matrix of displays, the total resolution of the display surface increases with each display added to the array. This means a video wall can have a much larger display area and far higher resolutions than a single display or projector. Video walls are also much more scalable than projectors since the display surface can be expanded without sacrificing image quality.
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Other Solutions

Meeting Room Screens

They are also available in different sizes and can also be customized to custom sizes.

Exhibition & Conference Screens

Comes with different shapes and sizes to suite the place you want to place them, there are screens suitable for conference rooms and small exhibitions.

Celebration Halls

One of the most important advantages of LED banquet hall screens is that they are energy-saving, easy to use, and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

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