interactive screen for the meeting room

interactive screen for the meeting room

The world is now witnessing a significant increase in the popularity and use of the interactive screen for the meeting room. Have you ever wondered how these screens affect the size of your business and how their use leads to maximizing the profitability of the company? All these questions will be discussed in the coming paragraphs. Let us provide you

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What is an Interactive Display?

Interactive flat panel displays take the form of large multi-touch screens embedded with an operating system, including its OS, which means that the interactive flat panel displays can act as its collaborative meeting platform – without needing external administrative preparation, not just a traditional multi-touch display.An interactive display is essentially a larger version of a tablet computer with a touchscreen and users are able to access, manipulate, and interact with content directly on the screen.The interactive flat panel displays are smart enough to host entire meetings, video conferencing, training sessions, or collaboration sessions in a way that includes all participants. 

While some companies still use projections and whiteboards, interactive flat panel displays can display participant details, charts, and multimedia in full, rich 4K clarity. Built-in applications and cross-platform functionality mean that managers or meeting owners can curate their content with confidence, and participants can contribute information to a remote presentation.

what are the benefits of using interactive screen for the meeting room?

The benefits of an interactive screen for the meeting room

Interactive displays have become versatile conference room tools, as manufacturers add more functionality such as built-in digital whiteboard applications, web browsers, PDF viewers, PowerPoint viewers, and also a wireless presentation from any device – gone are the days of trying to find cables to connect your laptop to a conference room monitor.

Combined with the conferencing software, the display gives you a powerful tool for communicating with offices, suppliers, and other clients. Use video conferencing as you work on documents and plans together in a fully interactive virtual meeting.

What are the benefits of a meeting LED display?


interactive screen for the meeting room
interactive screen for the meeting room

Display screens are ideal for conferences and meetings, due to their availability in different sizes, where you can get them in a size that suits your requirements. Fahmy has many benefits, and here are some of them.

  • LED screens help conduct meetings and create a collaborative work environment where everyone can access it.
  • With LED screens, team building, and team discussion are promoted.
  • LED screens are less expensive than traditional projectors.
  • Apart from this, it does not require much in the expense of installation, replacement, or deep cleaning.
  • LED screens are easy to install. This is why comfort is one of the most important benefits. You can connect the device and start sharing work with your team.

One of the main advantages of the screen is that it is light in weight and therefore can be moved from one place to another quickly. Therefore, if you want to design a smart meeting room, submit an application and get a custom-sized LED screen.

what is the difference between an interactive screen and a regular screen?

Using an interactive screen for your business can have many benefits. Modern and elegant, touch systems can reach customers, save time and money, and collect tons of customer data, all on one customizable platform.

Engagement and information

Not only can interactive displays impress your customers, but they can also be an effective tool for communicating and interacting with them. But finding the right provider is key. At Digital Touch Systems, PCAP touch screens come in a wide range of different sizes, from 24 inches all the way up to 86 inches, 

which means you’ll be able to give your customers a unique experience no matter your industry. With a variety of programs and mounting options available, you can also present information in a stimulating and engaging way. It can improve customer experience and take some pressure off employees.

Customer Feedback

One of the greatest advantages of using this state-of-the-art technology is the chance to gather valuable data about customers and their habits. An interactive touch screen can record how users interact with it, giving insight into how they behave and what their preferences are. Having a survey or satisfaction questionnaire at the end of their interaction is also a good way of collecting data on how customers feel about your service. From this data, you can make improvements to increase satisfaction and customer service. 

Time and Cost Saving

Not only will your customers be impressed by the hands-on approach to marketing, but an interactive touch screen can also save you time and money. Rather than paying someone an hourly rate to interact with clients on a broad level, a mounted touch display can present all the basic information they need, and save you manpower. This means before you approach clients or customers, they have already made the first steps toward understanding and identifying with your brand and business. In busy situations, this can be incredibly useful as a time saver.

can a poor screen display quality negatively impact user engagement with interactive displays

Yes, Poor screen display quality can negatively affect the user’s interaction with interactive displays. Therefore, it is necessary when considering purchasing an interactive screen for the meeting room to take into account its quality, which would make the meeting effective and productive, or vice versa.

How does an  interactive screen for the meeting room work

The interactive screen works by touch sensors or by means of a stylus and is equipped with a layer of sensors to detect the electric charge of the finger or stylus when touching the interactive screen

When the screen detects the electric charges of the finger or the pen, a signal is sent to the computer connected to the screen, then the computer responds to the screen, so it responds to the user’s input.

Some interactive screens allow the use of the multi-touch feature, where more than one person can interact with the screen at the same time, as this interactive screen can detect more than one touch point at the same time

 Accordingly, it allows users to interact with the content within the meeting rooms

at are the top features of an  interactive screen for the meeting room

  1. Screen display quality 
  2. Touch capability 
  3. Compatible operating systems 
  4. Easy set-up and use 
  5. Turnkey solution 
  6. Collaboration features 
  7. Cost-efficient 
  8. Security
  9. Portability
  10. Includes training

How do  interactive screen for the meeting room increase productivity in meetings

Productivity increases when the internal and external business meetings between members of the Board of Directors, meetings with customers and suppliers, or between employees and their managers, proceed smoothly and flexibly with a measure of privacy and security. The screens, when connected to the Internet, approximate distances and make decisions that affect the workflow.

When you have an interactive screen for the meeting room that contains some auxiliary tools such as touch work or taking important notes from the moment resulting from the discussions taking place during the meeting, this is all that raises and increases the productivity of the company

interactive screen for the meeting rooms


interactive screen for the meeting room
interactive screen for the meeting room

An interactive screen for meeting rooms is the best tool that you need in your company due to the benefit you have from using it. You can communicate with a company that is always keen to provide you with its best services, which will positively affect the profits of your company. Contact Ideal solution company to get the best services in the field of smart solutions

How does the screen display quality affect user experience?

The use of technology greatly affected the awareness and focus of users, so it became difficult to draw the attention of the user, so companies work greatly to attract the target audience to their advertisements, and therefore the user experience must be improved, the most important of which is that the screen quality is good so that it can fulfill its purpose, as poor quality can affect negatively on the user

How to Choose the Best Interactive Displays for Business?

Undoubtedly, business collaboration technologies have already advanced greatly in the 21st century, and interactive flat panel displays represent a very important step in adding a truly interactive element to the office meeting room for the benefit of the company and the business as a whole.

There are several factors for choosing the ideal screen other than the price, as the choice does not depend on the price only, as it is one of the factors for choosing the interactive flat screen display, and not the only one.

There are many considerations that you can compare and review when selecting the ideal solutions from various interactive business displays.

 Let’s get to know her together:

Hardware Specifications

One of the most important criteria in choosing is the type of hardware that you want to use in interactive displays.

how to choose the best Resolution for an interactive screen for a meeting room?

Higher resolutions have more pixels contained in the screen and are sharper with more clarity

The resolution is not chosen randomly, but it is chosen in a deliberate way so that in small, meeting rooms 1080p FHD screens can be used,

and Large meeting rooms or boardrooms can benefit from 4K / UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution.

how to choose the right size for an interactive screen for a meeting room?

Size is an important factor to consider.

When deciding on the size of the interactive flat screen display to suit your business needs, you must determine the size of the room in which the screen will be placed and also the size of the audience expected to interact with the screen.

 65 inches is suitable for small to medium spaces or gathering spaces (less than 5 people), while 75 inches is suitable for medium-sized meeting rooms (5~10 people), and so on


An interactive screen for the meeting room should allow all meeting participants to connect wirelessly via their laptops, smartphones, video conferencing devices, or other Internet-enabled devices – so you can conduct meetings with people who aren’t physically present and all meeting members on one screen. They all have to share any of their files from their own devices on the screen with the rest of the members, which helps to leave an impression on customers and board members alike.

Touch & Stylus

Modern technology always seeks to save time and effort and improve the user experience, and today we are dealing with devices, many of which work by touch

Touch function is the main feature of interactive whiteboards. It allows participants to write, annotate, and operate the platform using either their fingers or a stylus and enables multiple users to draw on the screen for group discussion.

If you want to use Windows, this operating system will allow you up to 20 hotspots. However, if you want to use your MacOS laptop, you will need to download a driver and install Mac Gesture On Screen.

UI & UX Designs

Onboard Operating System

When considering having an interactive screen for the meeting room, it is important to know whether your interactive whiteboard is integrated with any embedded operating systems or if your monitor only functions as a large multi-touch screen. Many competent interactive displays include the Android operating system, allowing you to start meetings right away.

Before purchasing an interactive screen for your business, be sure to take some time to explore the user interface and user experience that it offers. The user interface or design of any function should be easy to understand and easy to use, allowing all meeting participants to participate in the meeting without wasting time in the presentation process.

This is to increase efficiency and productivity without wasting time.

Home Screen & Customized Assistive Menu

Some high-performance, relatively low-cost monitors typically invest too little in the user interface or use a complex user interface that can lead to confusion among users. So, many elements must be balanced, the most important of which is that the user experience is easy to use.

Annotation Tools

When choosing an interactive screen for a meeting room, you must consider that the screen contains annotation tools that will facilitate users’ interaction with the screen

Business Meeting Collaboration

You must ask yourself what is a form of collaboration that you aim for by having an interactive screen for the meeting room.  Are you looking for just a meeting screen? Or do you aim to support and comment on a series of different files in front of dozens of employees?

Or do you target a screen that creates collaboration between it and the attendees? When you finish your meeting, how will you share the minutes of the meeting or how do you save brainstorming or consensus ideas for a follow-up?

Here, you should only be aware of what you are buying.

Screen Mirroring From Mobile Devices

Working on tablets and mobile phones has become common behavior today, while 67% of employees use personal devices at work. It is best to consider the capabilities of Screen Mirroring From Mobile Devices

Also, how easy is it to offer collaboration in your meetings from these mobile devices while checking if there is any mirroring app built inside the flat panel and how it works?

There are several ways to perform a wireless presentation or screen mirroring. If you want to instantly share images from iPhone/ iPad/ MacBook or Android phones, Airplay and Miracast help you to wirelessly present multimedia content with ease.

Using a notebook and Google Documents for the presentation, you can use the “cast” function from the Chrome browser. You or your guests invited to the meeting do not need to install any software to do the wireless presentation.

Compatible with Video Conferencing Camera and Software

The interactive screen for the meeting room must include video camera support, as conferences are one of the main effective ways to communicate with employees or customers remotely.

 it must Connecting the camera to the monitor is easy. One USB port can help solve this device installation.

Now, some brands are launching interactive displays with a built-in camera as an all-in-one concept. It solves installation efforts and is driver-free. But, the specifications of the built-in camera may not be as excellent as the video conferencing brands.

Support Multiple File Formats

 Many interactive whiteboards are now bundled with the Android operating system, so it was important to ensure that they also support Microsoft Office file formats, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF – which are commonly used by businesses.

Cloud Drives

Cloud connectivity is another collaborative tool that’s being viewed with increasing importance, as most of us save and share documents via Cloud Drives.

6 Tips to Pick the Best  interactive screen for the meeting room

1. Screen Sizes: Always Keep Your Audience in Mind

Screen size is important to consider. Bigger isn’t always better. If your teams usually consist of a few members, it might be better to save money and buy a 65-inch screen. And if your meeting room typically holds more than 10 employees, it might make sense to invest in a larger flat-screen display to keep everyone engaged. The overall goal should be to create a system that keeps employees, customers and board members engaged.

2. UI/ UX Design: Cater to All Potential Users

It caters to your strengths and those of your potential users. You have to spend more time looking for easy-to-use models than ones that are full of complex features. And make sure

From searching for user reviews, which often cover usability, just in case

 In some traditional industries or firms, managers may not be aware of modern co-operative practices.

3. Compatibility & Accessibility: USB Drives, Cloud


interactive screen for the meeting room
interactive screen for the meeting room

When exploring interactive whiteboard options, take some time to consider the types of presentation files your business uses. Compatibility is an often overlooked part of buying collaboration tools, but it can save users many hours rushing things.

⏩Accessibility is also critical for meeting attendees. You must quickly access and transfer meeting files between your local PC and the interactive whiteboard.

4. Wireless Presentation: Screen Mirroring from BYOD Users

We live in an interconnected world. So much so that a lot of work is done on mobile devices today, so it is necessary to make sure that the screen supports wireless screen mirroring technology and includes the ability to share the screen with others.

5. Email to All: Keep in Line with The Results

How will you share your information post-presentation? It can be troubling and time-consuming to email presentations to all participants following a meeting. But AG Neovo features a unique asset in that its built-in email function can easily send fully detailed, annotated swathes of data to all users. 

This particular factor could be vital if you intend to bring convenience to meeting minutes’ distribution.

6. Video Conferencing Ready: Connect to Your Colleagues Remotely


interactive screen for the meeting room
interactive screen for the meeting room

 Working remotely poses many difficulties to business owners. That’s especially true when you’re navigating teams that require much collaboration to accomplish the tasks at hand. 

Luckily, working remotely is being transformed with the interactive display. Meetboard 3 brings you a video conference ready, that lets your employees and teams connect no matter where in the nation they are. 

If you’re looking for a video conference collaboration tool that helps your business succeed as a remote team, you’re in the right place.

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Common Questions

Where can I find interactive screen for the meeting room?

Ideal Solution company in Saudi Arabia can provide you with all meeting room equipment, including interactive screen for the meeting room

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