Improve Network Performance To Take Advantage Of The Opportunities

It is understood that the world we live in is more digital than ever before, as the development of emerging networks and technologies creates new opportunities and capabilities that could not have been imagined a few years ago, in addition to making fundamental changes in the way we live, accomplish our business, and fill our spare time. .


The revolution in the communication sector is no longer restricted to devices and cars, but also affects the various economic sectors, from transportation to utilities, health care, and public safety, which results in a change in the way we do business.


It is noticeable that the speed of change has become amazing, while sub-Saharan Africa is witnessing a mobile broadband subscription rate of about 30%, this rate is expected to reach more than 50% by the end of 2025, thanks to the rapid growth of the population, And the high rate of youth in the societies of African countries.


The increasing demand for digital services and the increase in financial inclusion processes are reflected in the increase in data traffic through mobile devices, while most investments, subscriptions and data traffic are concentrated on the second, third and fourth generation networks, and communication services providers are still exceptionally interested in the operations that It will develop existing networks, improve network performance, and enhance the user experience.

Strategies to increase revenue from data traffic include improving network quality, providing coverage in rural areas, and making devices that support data available to everyone at reasonable costs.

With regard to service providers, the next stage involves many risks, challenges and opportunities, and it is now necessary to focus on improving the capabilities of the network in real time, to provide competitive services to a wide range of subscribers and in various economic sectors.

Among the most important measures that must be followed by suppliers to improve the quality of the network, providing the best networks available to subscribers, activating the main advantages of the programs, removing contradictions, and achieving compatibility between the media that support certain aspects and services at the network level, and we are witnessing many success stories in this field .

In 2019, MTN strengthened the capacity of the 3G network in Rwanda, in addition to building additional sites across the country, with the aim of improving efficiency

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